Blue-collar workers who have migrated in times of Covid-19 and are now desperately looking to sustain their livelihood by getting jobs closer to their homes.

How It All Started

Bharat Shramik was started as a social impact initiative by Akshat Mittal, a 17-year old student. He saw that his grandfather's driver had left his job to go to his village and now, his grandfather was in need of a new driver, and the driver who was migrating was also in need of a new job. This demand-supply gap that was created in just one household made Akshat realise how the entire labour force in India is shuffling their locations and how everyone is going to need jobs at new locations. This led to the idea of creating Bharat Shramik, a platform for matchmaking between employers and prospective employees based on area pin codes. This helps in catering to the emerging needs of both the employer and the workers to earn a livelihood.